EMoS Students Orientation Week

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June 3, 2019

EMoS Students Orientation Week

Last week students of the EMoS´s programme first cohort arrived to NM-AIST, ready to start with their academic activities and orientation week.

NM-AIST welcomed the students to the institution, giving them the chance to have a glance at their new home where they will spending the next two years pursuing their academic degree.

The students started the week by having a tour at the facilities, where they got to know the campus, departments and regulations of NM-AIST, as well as the student life at the institution. Furthermore, the students took a tour into the city of Arusha for sightseeing and exploring the place.

One of the main stops was the Arusha national park, one of the most symbolic places in the country. There, the students had the chance to see the wild life of the known animals in the region.

The EMoS students also had the opportunity to visit the offices of the East African Business Council, partner of the project CENIT@EA, where they discussed about the importance of developing and implementing such academics programmes in EAC and the impact they have on the regional area growth.  By the end of the week, the students had boosted their energy and their determination for initiating this remarkable step of their life.

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